Twisted roots (Väärät juuret)

Film-making process

1. a) There are parallels between managing a home and making a film. Just as every member of a home has their own role, the members of a film crew also have their own role.

This link features a chart on film-making. Adapt the chart so that it illustrates a household. Compare the roles/tasks. Are the roles clearly defined? When do roles change? What about responsibilities? What do household tasks have in common with tasks in the film-making process? Where possible, adapt tasks in the film-making process to household tasks. For instance, director/manager (parent).

Household tasks: raising children/social relationships, food management, cleaning, fixing and repairing things, planning summer vacations, ordering home services, updating mobile phone subscriptions, purchasing a home theatre, transportation, home decoration, physical and psychological atmosphere.

b) What is the consequence of irresponsibility in undertaking the tasks in a film-making crew or a household?

c) What could be the household terms corresponding to the following film-making terms:

  • ”background research”
  • ”financing plan”
  • ”schedule”
  • ”staging”

And who is in charge of these in the household setting?


Script writing process

1. The film-making process of Twisted Roots began some five years ago with the writing of the script. The script was drafted for nearly four years and there were ten different versions of it. The writers Saara Saarela and Selja Ahava-Foster had a joint view of the absurdity of life and they were both interested in the theme of family, which offers an excellent framework for studying humanity. (source: http://www.väärä

2. A film is almost always based on a script. Do you think life can be scripted in the same way? Draft a script for your own life. Think of what type of daily life would result from the lack of having a script. What would happen if everyone was drifting in daily life without a script?

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Väärät juuret

(Väärät juuret)

Ohjaaja: Saara Saarela

Maa: Suomi Vuosi: 2009

Kesto: 99min Ikäraja: 12

Levittäjä: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland

Pertti Sveholm, Niko Saarela, Milka Ahlroth, Antti Litja, Emma Louhivuori, Johannes Holopainen ja Silva Robbins

Väärät juuret on elokuva perinteiden ja perintöjen hyväksymisen vaikeudesta. Oppimateriaali käsittelee aihetta kuluttajakasvatuksen näkökulmasta.

Oppimateriaalit ja elokuvat Sopivan elokuvan valitseminen Elokuvateatterien ja levittäjien yhteystietoja Koulukinonäytännön järjestäminen elokuvateatterissa Ohjeita elokuvan katsomiseen koulussa