My Stuff (Tavarataivas)



Themes: sustainability, consumerism, recycling

Director and script: Petri Luukkainen

Film synopsis: 
 twenty-year old Petri used up his credit card limit after being dumped by his girlfriend and buying different kinds of goods. Three years passed and he still felt some uneasiness, so the stuff, all the stuff, has to go away to the storage. He permits himself to go and get back only one item per day – for a period of one year. The new life begins naked, very close to the radiator. After a week Petri can no longer decide what it is that he really needs. He is not being a nagging consuming critic, seeing something superior in his own life, but tries to learn to live a new life for his own sake.

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Learning material for consumer education section complied by Laura Mattila (M.A). Learning material for other sections by Helena Suomela (BSc).

Learning material is produced by Koulukino.

Translation: FM, kielenkääntäjä Timo K. Haapala.

The film can be ordered as a school cinema screening to a movie theater.

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Ohjaaja: Petri Luukkainen

Maa: Suomi Vuosi: 2012

Kesto: 80min


Dokumenttielokuva Tavarataivas kertoo 26-vuotiaan Petrin omalaatuisesta ihmiskokeesta, joka saa alkunsa tavarapaljouden aiheuttamasta ahdistuksesta. Miten paljon tavaraa ihminen oikeastaan tarvitsee?

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