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Super Size Me (english)

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. According to the film over half of Americans go out for a hamburger at least once a week. The main character in Super Size Me documentary, documentarist Morgan Spurlock, decides to investigate the effects of fast food on the body and begins a month of eating only junk food. The film follows Morgan's life and changes in his health during this one-month period.

Recommended ages: Grades 7-9 and high school


  • food culture
  • diet and eating habits
  • lifestyle
  • food industry
  • advertising

Key words:

  • advertising literacy
  • critical consumerism
  • consumption habits
  • lifestyle that promotes health and well-being

Working group

  • School Film Association
  • Consumer Agency
  • National Board of Education
  • Transparencies: Iiro Törmä


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