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Koulukino – School Cinema Association

Koulukino (School Cinema Association) has a simple and clear principle: as many pupils as possible should see a film during the school day, in a real cinema, and have the opportunity to discuss what they saw afterwards.

A film is a brilliant pedagogical tool. It provides various topics for discussion, introduces foreign cultures, offers the watcher powerful experiences and the chance to identify with the characters, and enhances one’s understanding of oneself and the surrounding world. All this while enjoying the film! The important thing is to share the film experience. Teachers become media educators by encouraging discussion and sharing their own insights and feelings about the film.

The Koulukino association generates learning materials related to big screen films for all educational levels from pre-school to upper secondary education. The film-related learning materials are available on the Koulukino website, free of charge for non-commercial use. The purpose of the learning materials is to encourage more in‑depth discussion of the themes of the films and to enhance film literacy and the film experience.

The methods of processing the films vary considerably depending on the target group and the themes of the learning material. For example, the films and the learning materials could be used as a tool for practising information retrieval, or for developing group work or emotional skills. Discussion exercises encourage students to think and argue. The learning materials also include plenty of writing and analysis exercises, as well as various exercises related to arts, music and sports. A film is a great tool for phenomenon‑based learning and for examining cross-curricular themes. Our learning materials additionally cover the basics of film narrative and film culture, from viewing angles to film critique. The learning materials have been created by class teachers, kindergarten teachers, subject teachers and experts in various fields.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture financially supports the Koulukino association in order to encourage the integration of media education into basic education. Moreover, all cinemas in Finland have committed to organising Koulukino screenings.

The member organisations of the Koulukino association include production companies, distributors, film centres and film-related associations.