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In the first episode of the film we see Oleg and the patient, whom he examines not for the first time. In joking manner, Oleg talks with the patient and suggests her to take a small bullet from a toy gun, describing it as a new German medicine that cures everything. After some time, we see another episode, in which Oleg examines a young woman who suffers from chest pain. Oleg diagnoses a heart attack and takes woman to the hospital. There Oleg is told that he has made wrong diagnosis. Instead of taking the patient back to her home, Oleg drives her to another doctor, who confirms that Oleg was initially right. Oleg goes through these troubles not because of his pride, but because he genuinely cares for the patient’s health.

  • Judging by these episodes, what did you think about Oleg? Why do you think the film starts with the jocular episode?

Oleg and Katya are quite poor: they rent a tiny one-room apartment in an old house. Faded wallpapers, messy space, narrow bathroom and tiny kitchen, where Oleg’s mattress barely fits. These apartment hosts regular parties with friends full of alcohol and pop music. All friends are coworkers, there is no time for Oleg and Katya to develop friendships outside of the hospital. In one episode, a nurse complains that there is no time left even for finding a husband outside of the work. The result is routine life: home – work – home, and a short rest full of alcohol. Oleg and Katya have been living such a life for several years. They seem to have landed into trap, from where it is difficult to get out. Katya’s suggestion to divorce is driven by desire to escape this routine.

  • Describe the details of Oleg and Katya’s life that you noticed? In your opinion, how do their surrounding and routine life affect their characters?

Oleg and Katya remain true to their jobs. They return to the hospital, despite all the personal problems. Shortly after the change of leadership in hospital, Oleg together with other doctors confronts the new boss. His desire to do his job and help sick people suddenly becomes a political statement against the new Russian healthcare reform. And his decision to operate on a dying girl in the field seems as a revolutionary act against the authority. By being loyal to the profession, he risks of being left unemployed. Oleg becomes trapped between troubles at home and at work. Not able to withstand it, he runs away, and Katya tries to follow him. The next morning, he returns home and confesses Katya that he can’t live without her. Crying, he asks: ‘Have I already lost you?’. To which Katya shakes her head negatively.

  • Why do you think Oleg ran away? How do you assess the ending of the film: is it happy-end or not? What kind of future do you see for Oleg and Katya?

Creative task: Doctors are common characters in film and television. They appear in works of different genres from comedy to melodrama, from horror to science fiction. Choose any fictional doctor from film or television series and tell about him or her. Compare your character to the main characters in Arrhythmia, are there any similarities or differences? Imagine and describe, how would Arrhythmia change if your chosen doctor would be one of the main characters; how would the environment shown in Arrhythmia affect personality and behavior of your doctor?