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In Loveless Boris is worried about his divorce and the future of his son Alyosha, because his employer, nicknamed The Beard, is an Orthodox fundamentalist who obliges his employees to have a traditional family. In Russia the idea of a traditional family is a married couple (man and woman) with children. Propaganda of traditional family values is one of the top priorities for modern Russian state. In 2013, during the Federal Assembly Address president of Russia, Vladimir Putin mentioned that in many Western countries moral and ethical norms are being revised, thus changing traditional image of family. Contrary to that, he seeks to uphold and defend traditional family values.

  • In your opinion, how has the idea of family changed in Europe and, particularly, in Finland in XXI century? Do you assess these changes positively or negatively?

Starting from 1st of January 2018 Russian government initiated a large-scale program to support families. As a part of this program the payment of maternity capital is prolonged (financial support for the second, third and so on child in the family), that monthly allowance for the first child is received for a year and a half, and that mortgage rates for families with two or more children would be reduced. One of the main goals of the program is to strengthen families, as well as to increase the birth rate. As one of the Russian TV channels reports, many young women postpone giving birth or even refuse to have children. Vladimir Putin is confident that the state should create additional incentives for having children, thereby explaining the financial support.

  • In your opinion, how much should the state support families? In what way the state should support families (financial benefits, social housing)?

Along with the decrease in the birth rate, the number of divorces is growing. According to statistics, Russia has the second highest divorce rate in the world. Most often, hasty decision to get married is the reason for the divorce. Additionally, people mention alcohol addiction, infidelity, difficult living conditions and unwillingness to have children.

  • In Loveless Andrey Zvyagintsev shows the family on the verge of divorce. What do you think is the reason for Boris and Zhenya to get a divorce? Try to analyze how divorce affects all members of the family.