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Anna opiskelijoille aikaa vastata seuraaviin kysymyksiin, jonka jälkeen vastaukset voi käsitellä yhdessä. 
a) Jos sinun pitäisi luonnehtia elokuvaa yhdellä lauseella, mitä sanoisit? 
b) Mitkä ovat mielestäsi elokuvan teemoja? Mikä teemoista kosketti sinua eniten, miksi? 
c) Mitä ohjaaja Terry George on halunnut elokuvallaan kertoa? 
Opettajalle tiedoksi seuraava ohjaaja Terry Georgen lausunto: 
"Three years ago Keir Peirson and I sat around a table with Paul Rusesabagina and listened as he told us his story. As he spoke, I did my best to hide two conflicting emotions: excitement and fear. Excitement because it was a perfect story to be told on film – a riveting political thriller, a deeply moving romance, and, most of all, a universal story of the triumph of a good man over evil. But fear was my predominant emotion. Fear of failure. 
"This was a story that had to be told, a story that would take cinema-goers around the world inside an event that, to all our great shame, we knew nothing about. But more than that, it would allow audiences to join in the love, the loss, the fear and the courage of a man who could have been any of us – if we ever could find that courage. I knew if we got this story right and got it made, it would have audiences from Peoria to Pretoria cheering for a real African hero who fought to save lives in a hell we would not dare to invent. 
"It was a very scary challenge for all of us involved with Hotel Rwanda, but that same challenge seemed to invigorate everyone who worked on the film, from our great cast and crew to the extras who rose at dawn in Johannesburg’s townships of Alexandra and Tembisi to join us in telling this enormous story. I’m proud of everyone who worked on this film and honoured to have had the chance to tell the story of Paul, Tatiana, their family, and the people of Rwanda. I only hope to have done his heroic deeds justice."