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  • What is reasonable consuming?
  • What goods/items do you need to get by? What is luxurious and what brings joy to your everyday?
  • What kind of meanings goods can have?
  • How does the surrounding society and culture affect people’s understanding of what is necessary and what is not?
  • How do different dimensions of sustainability manifest itself in society, globally and in individual’s everyday?
  • What are the challenges related to sustainable consuming and sustainable consuming practices in individual’s everyday and in the society as a whole.

More information on consumer education and its contents and objectives can be found in the pages of Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

There is also learning material, in the website of consumer education which can be applied to teaching of one subject or as a joint cooperation between different subjects during the semester.

Information on responsible and sustainable consuming can be found in Eko-ostajan oppaasta. (Ecological buyer’s guide)

Get also acquainted with SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 – project. It is a wide European research on future lifestyles. The project is seeking answers to questions: what is sustainable way of life? What effects does sustainability in the future have on our consuming habits, lifestyle and transportation? How can we tell if our way of life is sustainable of not? What else do we have and own, other than goods? Finnish contribution to the European Commission funded project is provided by think tank Demos Helsinki.