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Upper comprehensive school, assignments 6-10

6. What to give as a gift?

  • Make a list of five people close to you, to whom you will likely give a present during the next year (Christmas, birthday, wedding…)
  •  What kind of immaterial gifts you could consider of giving these people, instead of materialistic things?
  •  Write down your ideas so that they won’t be forgotten.

You can make all together a list of good ideas for gifts.

7. How many planet earths would be needed if everybody lived like you?

If all the people of the earth lived like Europeans we would need about two and a half planet. If all the people were Americans or Canadians we would need five more planets. If all the people lived like the Finns we would need more than four planets.

Write an essay on consuming with the title: what does consuming mean to me?  

  •  Evaluate your own consuming style/habits. What kind of a consumer do you see yourself?
  •  How could you cut down on your consuming?
  •  The following pictures may give you some ideas Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

8. Campaign for your school

Are any of the following happenings being organized in your school: Empty your plate–day? Sports gear exchange-day? Clothes exchange-day? Don’t buy anything day? Repairing your goods-day? Flee markets?

  •  Plan a theme event in your school and organize an event!

9. What is the origin of your clothes?

  •  What does the product label of your own or of your friend’s shirt tell you about the origin of the product? Does it tell you the country where the shirt was made in?
  • Now get a map and measure and calculate the distance the product has traveled to the shop where it was bought. (Note the map scale)
  • How was the product most likely imported (means of transport)?
  • Make one map with all the manufacturing countries that you can detect in your clothes.
  • View the animation: Field to Fork.

10. Where does the garbage go?

  • Play the game of recycling (kierrätyspeli)
  • Make your own recycling game by cutting pictures from magazines and packages. Glue the pictures of different products on cardboard and mark on the other side what kind of waste it is (don’t forget toxic waste). The game is played in pairs or in small groups so that one player picks up a paperboard with a picture on it and the other player is to guess what kind of waste the product is. The first to answer correctly gets the picture. The winner is the one who has collected the largest number of waste to him/herself.