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Osallistu Koulukinon palautekyselyyn

Arvomme kaikkien palautetta antaneiden kesken elokuvalippuja

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1. Think about the families/characters in the film.

  • Classify them and consider what stereotypes they fall under.
  • Discuss whether the characters act according to preconceived notions regarding stereotypes.

2. What situations in the film particularly stick in your mind and why?

  • What is the turning point in the film?
  • What emotions did the film stimulate in you?

3. What customer situations are shown in the film?

  • How many customer situations are key for the plot?
  • What experiences or emotions do you think guided the characters' behaviour in customer situations?
  • What significance do customer situations, such as the locksmith's visits to different places, have for the development of the plot?
  • Compare the film to the modern Finnish service society. Consider the significance of expertise in customer situations.

4. How can previous experiences and attitudes influence activities as a customer or service producer?