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An Oscar-winning film – for and against

A film can be analysed in terms of different components. How do the following components influence the end result in Crash? Do you think Crash deserved to win an Oscar?

1. Technical implementation

– photography, editing, sound, music, lighting, costumes, make-up, special effects

2. Production stage

– script, producer, director, cast, marketing

3. Intertextuality

– original work, references to other works, genre

4. Interpretation

– what themes does the film deal with, what is the film about, what does the film tell about the world and life?

5. Content

– subject, plot, primary conflicts, secondary conflicts, characters, time, place, duration of events

6. Characterization

– main character, supporting characters, hero, villain

7. Film structure

– start-up sequence, presentation, amplifying, culmination of conflicts, resolution, fade out, anticipation, flashbacks, framework story, gaps or open points


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