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Viewpoints on dealing with everyday situations through consumer and media education

This material is intended for media education, using the film Crash as the starting point. The material deals with learning objectives involving critical thinking and customer-oriented activities using film education methods. The tasks in the material are designed to activate students and stimulate critical thinking. The material is not intended to give ready-made operating models or opinions but to motivate students to observe and evaluate social phenomena critically.

Schools can also divide the material between different subjects. The material is designed especially for use in social studies, particularly in dealing with customer relationships or customer service.

The material helps answer the following occupational skill requirements for teachers/educators.

Students learn to

  • evaluate their own activities in relation to Finnish society's values and practices
  • evaluate the significance of their own activities and the customer's activities and the work community's operating culture in customer situations
  • evaluate professionals' responsibility for the safety of services
  • act consciously according to ethically and professionally sustainable operating principles
  • help create a good atmosphere in cooperation between adults and children
  • understand the significance of respecting the experiences and opinions of children, parents and one another and work according to the principles of education partnership
  • consider safety in physical, mental and social environments as well as different materials and equipment from the viewpoint of safety
  • understand the significance of consumer information and skills both as a customer and in dealing with everyday situations
  • discuss texts and evaluate strong social and ideological messages in them
  • describe and comment on different levels of realism and explain the relation between ethical style and social/political significance.